Trauma Informed Network Cornwall

Trauma Informed Network Cornwall (TINC) is a collaboration of individuals working in partnership to implement and support trauma-informed initiatives across Cornwall.

Understanding trauma, and developing a cross-partnership approach to using appropriate, trauma-informed language is one of the priorities of Safer Cornwall’s Partnership Plan 2022-25.

Understanding the impact of trauma

Trauma is the natural response to experiencing something that is emotionally distressing, or life-threatening . It affects a person’s feelings of safety, functioning and mental wellbeing after the event is over, leaving them feeling psychologically, physically and emotionally overwhelmed. It can happen at any age and in a number of places, including home, school, work or our community.

It is estimated that 2 out of 3 children will be exposed to childhood trauma before the age of 16. People with lived experience of childhood abuse have been found to wait from between nine to sixteen years before disclosing trauma, with many never sharing their experiences.

Cornwall Council in partnership with the voluntary sector is highlighting the need for organisations to embed trauma-informed approaches, so that that Cornwall becomes a compassionate place to live, where everyone feels connected, safe and understood; where individuals, communities and services respond to those with multiple disadvantage with empathy and have a role in helping them to achieve positive outcomes.

What we are doing

The Trauma Informed Network Cornwall (TINC) launched in Summer 2020. More than 100 individuals and 45 organisations are represented across the statutory and voluntary sector.

The network is a community of people who share an interest in trauma informed practice and an aspiration for change, through sharing and learning together. Sub-groups have been created to focus on specific areas such as children and young people, substance misuse and women’s trauma.

The network has potential to stimulate change within organisations, systems and communities through the development of a collective vision and approach, along with the sharing of resources and learning.

Our aims

Membership of TINC is open to any person, professional, organisation or community group wishing to be involved in supporting Cornwall in becoming a Trauma Informed County. Together, we aim to:

  • Promote the delivery of trauma informed services
  • Facilitate and help co-ordinate trauma informed practices
  • Assist organisations to upskill staff
  • Encourage social groups and communities to act in a trauma informed way
  • Aid continuous improvement and growth

TINC also acts as an advisory group for the Safer Cornwall Partnership and feeds into delivery plans through the Safer Cornwall Management Group.

What is trauma informed practice?

This diagram shows the components of a ‘trauma informed system’ based on values of compassion, understanding, empathy, curiosity and reflectiveness, to understand ‘what matters?’:

A Commitment to Women’s Trauma

This powerful publication has been collectively co-produced by TINC’s women and trauma group, a community of women, committed to campaigning side-by-side with those who have experienced trauma and distress, including homelessness and rough sleeping.

The commitment has been co-produced by SSC and partners, in response to the alarming rise in female rough-sleeping in Cornwall.

Download the commitment.