About Us

“The Safer Stronger Consortium builds strength through co-operation and innovation, creating a community safer from poverty and discrimination by providing new opportunities for people who are disadvantaged or marginalised.” – Mission Statement

Safer Stronger was officially constituted in 2014, following several years of capacity building funds from the National Offender Management Service.

The purpose of Safer Stronger is to bring together existing organisations of various shapes, sizes and ages, to create one flexible and multifaceted organisation capable of bidding and contracting for a number of interrelated purposes while providing a range of services on a new and unified basis.

Our consortium and partnership-working model allows for a responsive and dynamic approach to opportunities, which could include supporting victims of crime in their recovery journey, facilitating the future employment of offenders and ex-offenders or enabling more cohesive, interdependent communities through Restorative Justice practices.

SSC’s strength lies in the diversity and expertise of its partners, more about whom you can read here.

SSC is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.


  • Promote community cohesion through the employment of ex-offenders.
  • Bring providers together to sustain effective, inclusive services.
  • Act as a role model for other partnerships by operating inclusively and effectively, with strong leadership.
  • Create sustainable and profitable social enterprises that can employ disadvantaged or marginalised people including ex-offenders.
  • Share expertise, experience, responsibility and risk between VCSE organisations working locally with disadvantaged people.
  • Support those harmed by crime to cope and recover.
  • Promote understanding about crime and actively seek to reduce it.
  • Empower clients to resolve the issues that prevent them from leading rewarding lives in the wider community.
  • Ensure access to local and affordable community services.
  • Build capacity by promoting healthy and professional working relationships between public, private and voluntary sector organisations.
  • Develop an open, restorative learning culture amongst organisations working locally with disadvantaged people.
  • Provide support for consortium member organisations, helping them to win and deliver public service contracts.
  • Reduce inequality of opportunity within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
  • Develop client capabilities, sense of purpose, and relationships with others.
  • Generate sustainable economic activity with a strong sense of responsibility to the environment.
  • Work across family generations to break cycles of disadvantage.

Board of Trustees

  • Jon McLeavy – Chair
  • Alan Milliner
  • Jeanette Reed
  • Miles Topham
  • Paul Reeve


  • Jeanette Reed ~ Chief Executive Officer