Dyslexia Cornwall

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Dyslexia Cornwall (formerly Cornwall Dyslexia Association – CDA) aim to support the needs of dyslexic people, to raise awareness of dyslexia, campaign for appropriate provision for dyslexics and offer advice and guidance to dyslexic people, family and friends, and provide training.

The Dyslexia Cornwall’s aim is to support the needs of dyslexic children and young people in education and adults in their daily lives, education and training and in the workplace. To achieve this we raise public and professional awareness of dyslexia and campaign for appropriate provision for dyslexics in local schools and colleges, and appropriate support in the employment sector.

Dyslexia Cornwall have a Dyslexia Advice Centre in Truro and also deliver services in outreach venues throughout Cornwall.

Dyslexia Cornwall Services

  • Confidential advice and guidance for adults, young people and parents of dyslexic children
  • Dyslexia screening tests and assessments
  • A Helpline providing help and advice on all aspects of dyslexia
  • Information leaflets on dyslexia
  • An accessible website
  • Talks and workshops on a wide variety of issues to do with dyslexia
  • Dyslexia training for those working in the statutory or voluntary sector, in business, education or employment services