Equus Solutions - testimonials


“A better understanding of me!”

“I have learned a lot about myself…that I am equal in terms of my peers, not less than…I loved doing EAP – it was an eye opener”.

“When communicating with others I’ve found that I’m more aware of my own defects and that it’s better to take time in responding – things aren’t what they always seem”

“For me it was a unique experience which taught me a lot more than traditional role-playing scenarios. It made me think and process what I had experienced to a deeper level”.

“An amazing self awareness…also how my attitudes and actions have so much effect on my life and others”

“All the things I learned have and will help self esteem, boundaries, team work, self knowledge…”

“I loved the way the tasks and activities dovetailed with where I was within the step programme”.

“A truly wonderful experience… gaining much more knowledge and understanding through a format that is probably the most unique challenge and pleasurable thing I’ve done in my life to date”