Circo Kernow case study - drug issues

T J was referred to us by a partner organisation as he had been caught with class A substances and was in danger of further offences. He was living in a leaking caravan in an isolated rural area with no money for transport.

Our partners supported him to training initially and then Circo Kernow found beneficiary support once he was signed onto the program.

Initially he turned up smoked rollies and refused to join in games and exercises. However after three weeks new friends got him to join in.

He discovered a love for acrobatics and trapeze but got tired quickly… mainly due to a poor diet. Circo Kernow ensured a big fresh food lunch on training days and advised on diet.

TJ got on really well with the aerial tutor and learnt quickly, gaining strength and confidence.

After 12 weeks he passed his level 2 NCFE in performing skills and moved in with one of the other trainees. He worked as a graduate and took part in shows for the launch of Team South West in Plymouth for the Olympics. TJ then was supported with a grant from the Lord Lieutenant’s Fund to train in Bristol. He graduated and gained a place at the Dutch National Circus School. He trained in Holland for 6 years and graduated with work in theatres, circuses and clubs worldwide.

The above case study has been anonymised, and some details have been obscured, to protect the identities of the people involved.  Permission has been given by all involved parties for its inclusion here.

If you have similar issues to those reflected in this case, or are working with individuals in similar circumstances, please contact Circo Kernow.

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